Wendy Killoran said to buy Greek Island

Insistent rumors will that noted Canadian sea kayaker Wendy Killoran has obtained sponsorship for buying a Greek island as a future base for further kayak exploration of the Greek seas. The island appears to be St. George’s Island in Galaxidi Bay.

If rumours be true, the island will be renamed Kokatat Island after Ms. Killoran’s main sponsor, while other parts of the island will have names like Current Design Residence, Epic Bay, Tiderace Strait, and Cape Sara after Ms. Killorans teenage daughter. It is, however, not yet known how much Ms. Sara Killoran has paid for this privilege.

Ruins of an ancient temple on the island will likely be named The Solstice GTS Sanctuary, but this development is apparently under scrutiny by the Greek authorities for antiquities.

While it is highly unusual for school teachers and sea kayakers to buy islands, it is well known in the kayaking community that Ms. Killoran has a special affinity for islands, and after her recent and highly publicised vacation there this summer, the choice of Greece can hardly surprise.

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  1. Funny! Very funny.

    Good luck you two on the new adventure
    C Medina – San Sebastián Puerto Rico

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