Skim in Venice

Here are some photos of the new Skim Distance in Venice and surroundings.

The Skim Distance parked besides a very busy inner city canal.

Parked with gondolas

Paddling in front of the city just east of St. Mark’s Square.

In front of the city

Parked on the side of the main canal at Murano.

Parked downtown Murano

Paddling with Maria in the lagoon of Venice near the island of S. Erasmo.

In the lagoon at S. Erasmo

Among the multicoloured houses of Burano there was one with exactly the same colours as my Skim Distance.

Skim coloured house at Burano or vice versa

Doing a slightly illegal foray into the military area of the Arsenale.

In the Arsenale of Venice

Still transgressing on military areas with impunity

In the Arsenale of Venice

My venetian friend Marco wanted to try the Skim Distance and immediately took a liking to it. The expression on his face says it all: don’t try to take it away from me!

You're not getting it back!


2 responses to “Skim in Venice”

  1. Hi Rene.
    I see the Skim Kayaks in KanuMesse Nuremberg this weekend, it,s really, really good finish details, and the two persons that stay in the stand of the show are very likeable.

    Good Boats.
    Good travel in Venice


  2. René Seindal avatar
    René Seindal

    Hi Borrasca,

    Probably no surprise, but I really like the Skim Distance. It is well made, with many nice details, and it is very manoeuvrable in tight spaces, the length notwithstanding. I’ve paddled it in Venice for a week now, with not problems. After all, the gondolas are much longer 🙂

    One of the persons you’ve met must be Göran. Nice fellow indeed 🙂

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