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  • Skim Kayaks suspends production

    I’ve just received a message, in Swedish, from Skim Kayaks stating that they’re suspending production and sales because they’re having problems making ends meet economically. Its sad because the boats are fantastic. I have paddled a Skim Distance around Sardinia, and will take it around Sicily in March, and I have recently bought a Skim […]

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  • Photo from Sardinia in Kokata Ad

    Photo from Sardinia in Kokata Ad

    Kokatat will be using a photograph I took in Sardinia last year in an ad in the May issues of Paddler Magazine and Wavelength Magazine. The photograph is taken in the morning as we were rounding the granite formations of Capo Testa. Kokatat sponsored us with Knapsters, Storm Cags, Anoraks, life vest, Seawesters, and hydration […]

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  • Nokia Nseries N810 on the way

    The discount codes are finally activated on the Danish Nokia direct shop, so I have now ordered my new N810 tablet. It should be here in a few days time. I can hardly wait 🙂

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  • Skim Kayaks

    Skim Kayaks

    In spite of the journey being put on hold until April or May, Skim Kayaks has generously offered to continue to sponsor me for the remainder of the journey. I’ve paddled the Skim Distance in Sardinia for four weeks in different conditions, and it is a brilliant expedition kayak. It is stable, fast and spacious. […]

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  • Nokia N800 on kayak journey

    Nokia N800 on kayak journey

    I’m on a three month kayak journey around the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Our only computers on this trip are two N800 tablets which we use daily for email, checking weather forecasts and for blogging. They keep us connected and updated wherever we go. Our blog is at www.kayakislandquest.com. We’re bringing two N800 […]

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  • Sponsor day

    Sponsor day

    Most of the stuff from our North American sponsors have been shipped to Wendy in Canada, so only now when Wendy has arrived here in Venice to save me from all my problems have I had the possibility to actually see the things we have received. There was way too much in Wendy’s massive duffel […]

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  • Life at the Lido

    So today I’ve spent most of the time sitting at Café Maleti on the Gran Viale of the Lido, updating blogs and doing email. Life is hard, but they do make good coffee and food, and absolutely great icecream. Then I have to stand the pathetic view across to the lagoon to Venice each and […]

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  • Skim in Venice

    Skim in Venice

    Here are some photos of the new Skim Distance in Venice and surroundings. The Skim Distance parked besides a very busy inner city canal. Paddling in front of the city just east of St. Mark’s Square. Parked on the side of the main canal at Murano. Paddling with Maria in the lagoon of Venice near […]

  • Avatak paddles

    Avatak paddles

    On our way down to Italy we passed by Varese near Milan to visit Nicola de Florio of Avatak Pagaie. Nicola had promised Wendy and me an Avatak paddle each for our journey, and he has kept his promise twice over. Our agreement was for a Greenland style paddle each, a take apart paddle for […]

  • The new Skim Distance

    The new Skim Distance

    I had the new Skim Distance out for a short paddle today. The colours of the boat are beautiful, but the weather was a bit dark and cloudy. That’ll be better in Sicily and Sardinia 🙂 Each time I try the Distance, I’m surprised how manoeuvrable it is, in spite of its considerable length.

  • Sponsored by Skim Kayaks

    Sponsored by Skim Kayaks

    When I started looking for sponsors for the circumnavigation of Sardinia and Sicily with Wendy Killoran, Skim Kayaks in Sweden were the very first I contacted for support. I know their kayaks well from Kajakhotellet here in Copenhagen, where I have paddled both models, and quite a few of my friends have Skim kayaks and […]

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