Just another day in the lagoon

Today I went paddling in the lagoon with my Venetian friend Marco and his friend Damien from Padova. We didn’t have any particular plans, just paddle and have fun.

Here’s Damien in his rusty old kayak

And here’s Marco in the Current Design Solstice that Wendy is going to paddle around Sardinia (Marco has a weakness for playing with lagoon mud 🙂

Here Marco is having a lot of fun throwing mud at Damiens kayak

Its some thick yucky stuff and Damien isn’t amused but cannot retaliate because Marco is paddling a borrowed kayak. Dirty tricks in the lagoon, literally.

I just got stuck in the sticky stuff

The tide in the lagoon was exceptionally low today

Marco and Damian had a romantic moment in front of Burano

Then some lagoon pirates came along, playing loud music

Marco chased them off with his paddle, but the mood was ruined anyway

At the end, just at the entrance to the lagoon, we met this really cool guy

in an incredible good looking boat

Any good day in the lagoon will end with a sunset and so did this


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  1. Looks like a fun day. I wince at the photo of the mud on the Current Designs kayak!

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