This lorry dropped a part of its load inside the ferry, but luckily not where our kayaks were

Sardinia at last

We’re in Sardinia now. Everything went surprisingly well with the ferry and boarding with both kayaks and a motorcycle.

We did have a few scares of continued back luck. Just as we were to board my camera died. Just woundn’t turn on, not even with a battery that worked in Wendy’s camera. Bummer! I managed. to fix it later, though. It was a bad contact in the battery compartment.

In the evening we put Wendy’s Internet Tablet to charge and we both fell asleep. I woke up around 1.30 and the tablet was gone. Stolen, probably. Knowing I wouldn’t get any sleep anyway, I set out to find it. I looked for the reception where two men were chatting, and as I explained the problem, one of them just said: “I took that. It was just left there.” He took it out and wanted an explanation of what it is. Time passed but we got Wendy’s tablet back.

When we woke up in the morning my phone was dead. It worked, but I couldn’t place any calls or send SMS. It took at least an hour before I figured out I should turn it off and back on again.

We arrived in Cagliari and walked off. I went in for my motorcycle and got that, but when we walked back in, all unloading from the part where our kayaks were stored had stopped. A truck carrying firewood had dropped about 8-10 cubic meters of wood just around the spot where we had the kayaks. We weren’t allowed in for a long time as they cleared up the mess, but fortunately the wood had missed our kayaks by some meters.

We got to Cagliari with all our gear intact.


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