The kayaks on the beach of San Giovanni after our arrival

Spiaggia San Giovanni

Right now we’re sitting in a bar at the harbour of Porto Corallo near the village of Villaputzu.

We spend the night on a beach called Spiaggia San Giovanni, just behind a fish-farm. We had a brilliant dinner in a local restaurant where we ate pizza. According to Wendy her seafood pizza was “orgasmic” 🙂

There’s quite a bit of surf on the beaches here so landing and launching is a bit tricky, but we usually do manage to find good spots.

Yesterday was a quiet paddle from Cala Pira. We had wind and waves in our favour, so we could enjoy the coastline and the sea.

Our plan for today is to get about half-ways to Arbatax, if possible to Marina di Gairo.

Our campsite:


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