Wendy and I have for some time had disagreements, mostly on questions of time and speed. Our disagreements has proven irreconcilable, and yesterday at Porto Ferro we decided to go on separately.

Wendy left before me this morning. I have no information on her whereabouts.

I’m currently at Fertilia just north of Alghero. Tomorrow I will have to do some shopping at Alghero. I have no maps and no map-case. I will also need a paddle float, and I have no tent pegs for use with my tarp. I have no tent either, but it is hardly worth buying a new tent for whatever remains of the circumnavigation of Sardinia. I’ll try to manage with the tarp.

Blogging will probably be more irregular now. My old (non-sponsored) internet tablet doesn’t charge the battery any more, so it will soon die on me, and Wendy has (as far as I know) no mobile phone for internet access. I charged my internet tablet battery on Wendy’s tablet, and she used my mobile for internet access.

I’ll try to blog as often as possible.


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