Harbour and camp site in Fertilia

My Sardinian journey ends here

I have decided stop my journey around Sardinia here in Fertilia.

My primary reason for embarking on this trip was to recover from a depression I had after a marital crisis last year. I wanted to get away from everything, try something new, have fresh impulses in my life and hopefully come back a fitter person, in every sense of the word, ready to take on the challenges of a ‘normal’ life again.

Over all the journey has fulfilled its purpose. I have seen new places, met new people, gotten new friends, learned much about kayaking and the sea, and about team paddling. It has been a very refreshing experience, and I’m very happy that I took on the challenge when the opportunity presented itself.

Unfortunately, the paddling partnership between Wendy and I didn’t work out as expected. In the end, our relationship grew so sour that it became detrimental to my stated aim with the journey, to recover from my depression.

As I continued on alone, walked the streets of Fertilia, had a coffee in a bar, ate in a restaurant, and slept under an open sky near the harbour, I had ample time to ponder what to do. My initial impulse was to just continue alone, following the path set out time ago, but as I thought things through and searched my feelings for an answer, I kept returning to the ‘why’ question.

Why did I go? To get to feel better after a nasty crisis in my life. Does the thought of continuing along make me feel good? Not really. Then why continue?

Now the decision has been taken, I do feel better. I take that as a confirmation that I have done right.

Last day of paddling

Impressions from Fertilia


4 responses to “My Sardinian journey ends here”

  1. Really sorry to hear this, Rene. But when that huge load is lifted, you know you’ve done the right thing. Good luck on the voyage “home”. Stay safe, Kristen

  2. Borrasca avatar

    Really, really sorry, to you Rene.

    animous desires from me to you.

    Good return travel to your home.

    And…… the world is a fantastic place enjoy them.


  3. You are a fortunate man in that you know yourself. You seem to be a clear thinker, and I suspect you will do well going forward. I hope you find all that you seek.

  4. Anonymous avatar

    Well, I have not kept up the past two weeks due to my kayak wedding, so I must catch up on all of this. I wish you well in all you do~carrie in pr

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