Telecom Italia Mobile customer “service”

I have a TIM sim card in my mobile phone here in Italy. It’s a pre-paid card, so I have to ‘recharge’ it regularly.

I did that today. I bought a €50 card, scratch the field to get the number, call the service and enter the number. I get a message that it went well. I get an SMS that the transaction succeeded and that my credit is now €0.

€0 ???

I paid €50 for that card, it should be worth more.

I have now tried to get in touch with TIM customer service for hours. Their website is completely useless, all promotional stuff and no real information. Their phone service is pure waste of time. You’re listing to one stupid menu after the other until you’re about to vomit just at the thought of the oh so sweet female voice.

There is absolutely no way of getting through to a real operator to get some help. At most you can get “Virtual assistance”. Apparently TIM has no concept for “Real assistance”.

This is probably the last time I will have a TIM sim card in my phone.


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  1. Sounds like much the same problems we have here! My phone won’t work in the USA, my American phone won’t upload to my account here in Canada, nor will it work here. You would think these ‘communication’ companies would figure out how to communicate! Good luck solving your problem.

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