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  • Bicycles in Berlin

    Bicycles in Berlin

    I’ve been bicycling all my life, and its one of the very few things I miss here in Venice. Berlin, on the other hand, is full of bicycles.

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  • Berlin 25 years later

    Berlin 25 years later

    Berlin 25 years later could just as well be another city.

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  • Copenhagen paddle

    Copenhagen paddle

    These photos are from a short paddle in early January in Copenhagen, with our friends Per and Lise. Many thanks to Kajakhotellet for lending us the boats.

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  • New Year at Tivoli

    New Year at Tivoli

    We spend New Year’s evening in Tivoli in Copenhagen, with a handful of Italian friends.

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  • Winter in Copenhagen

    Winter in Copenhagen

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  • Arrived in Cardedu

    I arrived in Cardedu in the afternoon on Saturday, and I was hardly in the door at Francesco’s before he declared that we were going fishing in kayak that afternoon. It is like that at Francesco’s house. It is very hard not to end up paddling most of the time. We went to a local […]

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  • Cardedu Kayak

    Cardedu Kayak

    Francesco Muntoni has run Cardedu Kayak for ages. He organises kayak excursions for both beginners and experienced paddlers along the middle part of Sardinia’s eastern coastline, from between Muravera and Cardedu to Cala Gonone, which includes the national park of the Golfo di Orosei. Visiting Francesco without ending in a kayak is an impossibility. On […]

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  • Cagliari


    Tuesday evening (March 25th) we left Palermo for Trapani. The ferry was scheduled to depart at nine in the evening, but we ended up at Giacomo’s chatting until after seven, and arrived at Trapani harbour at ten to nine, only to discover that the ferry departed from a new more distant pier, which we had […]

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  • Easter in Palermo

    Easter in Palermo

    The weather has gone haywire in most of Europe, and we’ve got our part of the fun here in Sicily too. No snowstorms though, its not that extreme, but we’ve had a lots of rain, winds between force 4 and 7 and seas so rough many ferries have been deviated or had to remain in […]

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  • Italian Commercial Neologisms

    Italian Commercial Neologisms

    Italian shops are often called something ending in “-eria”. A bookshop is a libreria, from libro which means book. A pizzeria makes and sell pizze (plural of pizza), a gelateria sells gelato, icecream, and so on. An osteria sells hospitality, literally a “hostery” like in “host” 🙂 Since the scheme is very simple, it is […]

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  • Mobile phones in Italy

    I have understood from a previous post that Wendy travels without a mobile phone, and hence have limited internet access. Here is how you get a mobile phone with internet access in Italy. There are three mobile phone operators in Italy: TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile), Wind and Vodafone. TIM has a red/blue logo, Wind is […]

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  • TIM Prepaid Mobile Internet Warning

    As mentioned previously, I have had some problems with my Telecom Italia Mobile prepaid mobile phone account. It ran out of money, I put in €50 and was told my account was still at €0. My assumption was that the payment had somehow failed. I spent hours on the Internet and on the phone to […]

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  • Telecom Italia Mobile customer “service”

    I have a TIM sim card in my mobile phone here in Italy. It’s a pre-paid card, so I have to ‘recharge’ it regularly. I did that today. I bought a €50 card, scratch the field to get the number, call the service and enter the number. I get a message that it went well. […]

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