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Parcel update III

So, the miracle has happened. The parcel sent from Barisardo in Sardinia in October last year has finally been delivered to my in-laws in Palermo, after over eight months in postal limbo. From what I hear, the content was rather smelly, so the washing machine […]

Parcel update II

During the first leg of the Sardinia circumnavigation I sent a parcel with excess equipment from Bari Sardo in Sardinia to a friend in Palermo. The parcel wasn’t picked up in time at the post office in Palermo, and while everybody assured me it would […]

Parcel update

I have finally received an answer from the Poste Italiane (the usual word document attached to an empty email):

In riferimento alla sua e-mail del “07/01/2008” con Oggetto: «pacco estero», Le comunichiamo che per richieste di informazioni sull’esito di spedizioni inviate e/o in attesa, riguardanti il prodotto dei pacchi internazionali, si dovrà recare esclusivamente presso l’Ufficio Postale per la compilazione dell’apposito modello CN08 ( modello di reclamo internazionale) in quanto attualmente, per tali spedizioni, non è previsto alcun servizio di T. & T. e nessuna assistenza telefonica.

which is (more or less) in English:

With reference to your email of January 7, 2008, with the subject “pacco estero” [which wasn’t the subject -rs], we can inform you that for requests for information on the whereabouts of missives sent and/or awaited, regarding international parcels, it is necessary exclusively to present oneself at the postal office to fill in the form model CN08 (model for international complaint) since at this time, for such missives, no service is foreseen by the T&T [probably Track&Trace -rs] and no telephonic assistance.

That’s Italian bureaucratic lingo for “f… you”.

A Parcel’s Odyssey

I sent a parcel from Sardinia last October. I sent it to Palermo where it arrived after two weeks. Unfortunately, it wasn’t picked up by the recipient, so it was returned, but returned to where? I’ve been hunting this parcel for over three months now, […]

TIM Prepaid Mobile Internet Warning

As mentioned previously, I have had some problems with my Telecom Italia Mobile prepaid mobile phone account. It ran out of money, I put in €50 and was told my account was still at €0. My assumption was that the payment had somehow failed. I […]

Telecom Italia Mobile customer “service”

I have a TIM sim card in my mobile phone here in Italy. It’s a pre-paid card, so I have to ‘recharge’ it regularly.

I did that today. I bought a €50 card, scratch the field to get the number, call the service and enter the number. I get a message that it went well. I get an SMS that the transaction succeeded and that my credit is now €0.

€0 ???

I paid €50 for that card, it should be worth more.

I have now tried to get in touch with TIM customer service for hours. Their website is completely useless, all promotional stuff and no real information. Their phone service is pure waste of time. You’re listing to one stupid menu after the other until you’re about to vomit just at the thought of the oh so sweet female voice.

There is absolutely no way of getting through to a real operator to get some help. At most you can get “Virtual assistance”. Apparently TIM has no concept for “Real assistance”.

This is probably the last time I will have a TIM sim card in my phone.