The Colour Orange

I found this in my mail today. The idea is to associate the colour orange with a protest against the human rights abuses in China. Seems like an interesting way of getting an unwelcome message through the censorship, but it relies of a lot of people doing it.

For the press, the mailing list and other interested people:

Can China forbid the Color Orange?

Help us making a global manifestation about the human rights in China, and support our appeal. If this is going to succeed it will take many people using their own mailing list and networks to forward this letter, only in that way can we create a wave in the global communication and bring project out to all corners of the world.

Translations of the appeal on:

Support the idea on:

Happy new year

Jens Galschiot, Danish sculptor


One response to “The Colour Orange”

  1. It is nteresting that the website given is in the UK, where (at least in certain areas) orange already has some, uh, connotations.

    I imagine they were probably more thinking along the lines of saffron robes of monks (side note, I always pictured saffron as being a golden tone, like the spice turns rice, and I was surprised when I went to see Christo and Jean-Claude’s Gates in Central Park and they were old-school-lifejacket-orange), but the fact is there are an awful awful lot of Irish folks who are going to have a hard time jumping on that bandwagon.

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