I just noticed that Skim Kayaks have a new model out, the Skim Dipper. They haven’t put up much information about it yet, except that it is 536cm long (17ft 7in) and 51.5cm wide (20.3in). There are some photos linked from the front page.

It seems to be a middle thing between the Skim Dex and the Skim Distance, in the sense that it looks a lot like them on the photos and the dimensions are somewhere inbetween.

I think it will be a welcome addition to the Skim family, suitable for those who want a more spacious boat than the Dex, but find the Distance too long to handle.

Here in Italy the Distance has another problem, which has to do with its handling on cars, not on water. Italian transport regulations only allows cars to transport objects shorter than 130% the length of the car, which means that to put a Skim Distance of 588cm on a car, the car must be at least 453cm long. Most Italians have shorter cars than that, so a Skim Distance is simply not an option here for most people. They can’t take it anywhere. The Skim Dipper might well be (if only you could get a Skim kayak here in Italy, which you can’t).

I’ll have to see if I can get to try one in Copenhagen next month or at the Stockenträffen in late August.

Photo from Skim Kayak’s web site.


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  1. Borrasca avatar

    Great, great mesure, for example….. for me 🙂 , very interesting kayak.

  2. Peter avatar

    Hi all,

    I am the Skim dealer for the Netherlands. This summer I take some vacation in the north of Italy. So if someone wants to order a Skim I can try to arrange something. Please leave a mail at: info at zeekajakspecialist.nl

    Peter Grobbée

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