I’ve paddled from Marina di Arbus to Buggerru today, rounding Capo Pecora. Its only 25km but I found it demanding enough.

The waves on the beach at Marina di Arbus were smaller than yesterday, but not by much. During the night the water had left a thick layer of seaweed on the beach and I had to dig a lot of it away before I could launch.

My first attempt was dismal. I tried to wait for the right moment, only to get hit by a huge wave which sent me straight back into the seaweed on the beach. There were rocks underneith so I had to exit in a hurry and drag the boat away. The next wave meticuously filled it with a soup of sea water and seaweed.

I quickly emptied the boat and tried again before the next large wave came in, and this time I got away, but with too much water left in the cockpit.

There were too many and too large waves to empty the boat with the pump or the sponge, so I went in on the next beach to clean up the boat. From the outside the surf didn’t look too bad there and I landed without problems, cleaned out the worst of water and seaweed, and set off to launch again.

I tried to watch the waves a bit to find the right time, but failed miserably. The next wave was huge and hit me straight in the face, blowing me sideways back on the beach. I lost my paddle and ended halfway up the beach with the kayak on top of me. I managed to flick the kayak over and get out just before the next wave came in.

My paddle was on its way to Spain, and showed no intent of returning, so I had to take a swim to get it back.

This was a bit of a setback. The sea wasn’t that difficult, but getting out there was.

I decide to wait a bit to dry my clothes and think a bit.

After a rest I gave it another try, a bit more careful this time. I got into the kayak a bit up on the beach a sealed my way down while watching the waves. The big ones came in in groups of 5-7 and they almost dragged of out. I had to lean backwards and dig my hands into the sand to remain in launch position. When I thought the last one was on its way out, I pushed forwards. I was off by one, so I got another huge wave in the face, but this time I got through and paddled like mad to get out of the surf area.

Once safely outside the surf zone, it wasn’t difficult, but it took at least half an hour before the nervousness was out of my body and I paddled relaxed again.

The first couple of hours I paddled along almost endless beaches and dunes, until I approached Capo Pecora.

The waters around Capo Pecora were some of the choppiest I have ever paddled. It required all my attention and once around the cape I was very tired.

The last corner was the worst. Off the cape there were several rocks just under the surface, and as I passed between them, waves would break over them, pushing me here and there.

Around the cape and in calmer waters I spotted a small town in a valley to the SE, and I assumed it was Portixeddu at a distance of 2km. I didn’t even bother to look at the maps, I just headed that way, thinking only of lunch and ice cold drinks.

With some good following waves I expected to be there in less than half an hour, but it took over an hour.

The town had a nice beach with too much surf, but there were also a little harbour, so I headed in there. It wasn’t large, but there was a little beach in there, where I could land easily. On the inside of the moles it said “Marina di Buggerru”, which explained perfectly why it took an hour to get there.

It was well after 4 in the afternoon, and I needed to buy some food and drink, but everything was closed. I asked in a bar and was told that food stores would only open again at 5.30. That didn’t leave any time to continue, so I walked back to the beach, washed, changed and packed the boat for the night.

Now I’ve done my shopping, got money from the bank and had dinner, so I’ll be in my tent as soon as its dark enough to pitch it on the towns most popular beach.

Tomorrow I would like to reach Portoscuso. Its only another 25-30km, but I haven’t seen the forecast yet.




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  1. Simona avatar

    beh, mi dispiace per te ma le previsioni sono bruttine… mare molto mosso in tutta la costa ovest e sud-ovest! che sfiga!!! comunque non preoccuparti, se hai problemi manda un sms e veniamo a prenderti…:-) good luck!

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