Surf at Marina di Arbus, Sardinia

Photos from Sardinia

This post has been updated in November 2021 with photos from the first part of the journey and with the photos from the second part which are no longer on Flickr.

I have uploaded a bunch of photos from the last leg of my circumnavigation of Sardinia to Flickr.

I have taken a lot fewer photos this time, and they’re not as good as last year. With regard to photographing it does make a huge difference paddling alone. Often taking photos is part of a social interaction which doesn’t take place when you’re alone.

Cagliari to Fertilia – October 2007

Fertilia to Cagliari – May/June 2008


2 responses to “Photos from Sardinia”

  1. wow – that must have been fun !
    glad you’re weather turned out a bit better after the rainy start !
    … this has made me think …. wonder how easy it would be / how long it would take to cycle round sardegna
    love the photos – thanks for all the details
    … and now you’re off to venice my other favourite italian hotspot – la dolce vita

  2. René Seindal avatar
    René Seindal

    Hi Maria,

    I don’t know what I would have done had the rain continued like the first day. It would have been a very wet and cold journey.

    I did meet some people touring Sardinia by bicycle, so it can be done, but Sardinia is quite mountainous, and it’s not going to be easy. Some of the most beautiful parts are bound to be some of the most remote and difficult to access.

    As for distance, its really up to you. I paddled almost 900km, but it might be longer or short by bicycle depending on the route you take.

    You might be better off picking a part of Sardinia and then exploring it thoroughly by bicycle rather than trying to follow the coast around. You can’t do it anyway, as much of the coast is very remote and often completely without roads. In that way you can explore all the little villages, the nuraghe and other ancient monuments and still have the sea nearby.


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