Excess gear being sent back to Palermo

Parcel update II

During the first leg of the Sardinia circumnavigation I sent a parcel with excess equipment from Bari Sardo in Sardinia to a friend in Palermo. The parcel wasn’t picked up in time at the post office in Palermo, and while everybody assured me it would be returned to my address in Denmark, it wasn’t. It just disappeared.

We have tried to report it missing in every conceivable way, by telephone, by email, at the post office in Palermo and even in Bari Sardo, but we have either received no answers, requests for further information on the parcel, unhelpful answers or just plain wrong answers, until today, that is. Today I received a phone call from the Poste Italiane that they have found the parcel, and that it will be sent to my in-laws in Palermo within ten working days.

I had practically given up any hope of ever seeing my stuff again. Now we just have to wait and see if the parcel will in fact rematerialise as promised.

The Sardinia journey seems to wrap itself up quite nicely 🙂


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