A Busy Paddling Bee

Its been a busy week. I’ve had a group of ten Danes here in Venice for the part week, with an assistant guide from our partner kajakhotellet in Denmark.

Its been a great week. We’ve done some fantastic paddles, in Venice and in the lagoon, by day and by night. As one participant said this morning at the bus stop, “Its been one Wow! experience after another”, but we’d be hard pressed to make it any different, with a setting like Venice. We couldn’t make it ordinary even if we tried 🙂 Venice just isn’t ordinary.

Right now I’m sitting in the shuttle water bus from the Lido to the airport on my way to pick up the next group for the next week here.

We’ve had fantastic weather all week, between 27 and 32 degrees and clear skies, except for the last day which was rainy with occasional thunder. Today is grayish but the forecast for the coming days is good for the season, few clouds and temperatures in the low 20s. Its autumn here too, now.


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