Scandinavia would elect Obama

Somebody with too much time and money has ordered a survey of how people in the Scandinavian countries would have voted in the US presidential elections. Unsurprisingly, Obama would win overwhelming victories around.

In Denmark 79% of 1428 persons surveyed would vote for Obama, with only 4.3% for McCain and 16.6% undecided.

In Sweden 75.7% of 943 persons are for Obama, with 4.9% for McCain and 19.4% undecided.

Finland is more indifferent, with 58.7% of 1052 persons for Obama, 7.4% for McCain and 33.8% undecided.

I write “unsurprisingly” because in a Nordic political context the US has two right wing parties and no left, so only the extreme right wing here would pick McCain. I guess that’s why many americans considers the Scandinavian countries socialist or even communist, even though we’re neither.

Obama giver baghjul til McCain i Norden – Valg i USA.


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