High tide in Venice

Tomorrow the tide in Venice will be exceptionally high, what they call the acqua alta.

Normal high tides are about 80-90cm above the historical average, but a combination of rain and wind will push the tide higher tomorrow, up to around 120cm above the historical average, which means that about one third of the city will be inundated.

The weather is going to be rotten, rain and occasional thunder, so it might not be a good day for a paddle in St. Mark’s square. Besides, I’m in Copenhagen anyway, so even if i could go paddling there I couldn’t 🙂


2 responses to “High tide in Venice”

  1. Having no tides here, I find the graph interesting, kind of like the stock market…except the tide can be counted on to rise!

  2. Oof, and I see it was all it was predicted to be and then some!

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