Bridge of Sighs / Skies

Bridge of the Skies

Bridge of Sighs / Skies

They’re restoring the back side of the Palazzo Ducale and the corresponding side of the Prigioni Nove, both facing the Rio Canonica. The Bridge of Sighs connect these two buildings across the canal.

To get funds for the restauration works they have sold advertising rights to the façades being restored, and the sponsor have clad them in blue.

It makes a paddle down that rio an almost surreal experience, and even if the Bridge of Sighs is still visible, it just isn’t the same experience. On the other hand, we can hardly complain that the city is maintaining our common heritage.


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  1. So it was restoration work « Last of its Kind

    […] Rene Seindal’s blog informs me the Venetian authorities are doing resoration work on the Doge’s Palace and the Prigioni Nove, and to get the funding together they sold the scaffolding to Sisley. The Museum Strategy blog labels this ‘cultural sponsorship’ and it seems it has been popping up all over Europe in recent years, recently an enormous H&M advertising campaign adorned one entire side of the Palais de Justice in Paris and a Veolia campaign has covered a prominent tower in Prague for several months now. […]

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