Circumnavigation of Sicily

The circumnavigation of Sicily won’t be this time. Progress has been much too slow, and the time I have will not allow us to recover the delay. We’ve done about 125km in a week, and we’ve only just made it to the north side of the island.

Another purpose of the journey, for me, was to see some of my Sicilian friends, mostly in the area of Palermo and Trapani, but the progress we’ve been doing until now, and the weather forecast for the coming days, make it unlikely that we’ll even make it to Palermo in time to see my friends there.

In the end it seems the better choice to stop here, and take the train to see my friends and a bit of Palermo and surroundings.

One embarks on a journey for a reason, but continuing the journey in kayak will not bring the experience I was looking for. In that case plans should be changed.


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