Installing Debian Sarge on a HP Proliant DL320

I’ve just installed Debian Sarge on a HP Proliant DL320 without a hitch.
It is a Xeon 3.4GHz hyperthreaded with 1Gb ram and a single SATA disk.
I booted it via PXE since it has no optical drive and no floppy and ran the installation from there.
The basic system works perfectly, with a stock Debian 2.6.12 SMP kernel.
I still haven’t tried stuff like usb, rtc, admin interface etc. I’ve only had it for enough time to set it up to what its supposed to do 🙂


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  1. fluxbeat avatar

    I got HP Proliant DL140 Gen 2 server. It has an optical drive. The thing is how to eject the cdrom drive coz there’s no button to press?. lol.

  2. can you help me?
    i am using debian3.1r3 and HP DL140. and i have a cdrom on DL140, but,,,the problem is the installer never detect the SATA device.
    I succeed in PC with sata disk, just need to modify sata mode to ide mode.
    but on HP DL140 bios, it seems can not use ide mode to connect sata disk.

  3. use ETCH ’cause with Sarge don’t detect the SATA device.

  4. luckysmile avatar

    How did you do about fan speed of DL320?

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