Nokia 770 flashed but not happy

I flashed my Nokia 770 last year, with the latest image from Nokia Europe, marked 2005_51-13, but I’m not happy with it at all. There are some minor improvements, but on the downside I’m seeing many spurious crashes, on the order of ten crashes in the last day and a half, and I really didn’t use it that much on new year’s eve.
I’m not a happy camper. On the up side counts that switching between programs is faster and that the formatting of item texts in the news reader is slightly better. Now the text is at least separated into paragraphs instead of just being flowed from start to end.
On the down side, the system is very unstable. It will reboot spontaneously. Sometimes its just lying on the table, and you hear the ding-dong-ding Nokia sound, and it has rebooted.
It took several reboots to just reinstall my old applications: xchat, gaim, xterm and ssh.
Maybe the new image is based on Windows? 🙂
I have no idea what causes the reboots. I’m been on wifi all the times, I always am, but sometimes I was standing just besides the access point, at other times far from it. On one occasion it froze and then rebooted just seconds after associating with the AP.

Some other notes of little interest

I did the normal upgrade procedure: backup, flash, restore. It worked quite well, and there were no errors in the flashing procedure.

$ sudo ../flasher/flasher -F Nokia_770_SE2005_3_2005_51-13.bin -f -R
Found image 2nd (length 8576)
Found image secondary (length 79360)
Found image xloader (length 13824)
Found image initfs (length 1581824)
Found image kernel (length 1481856)
Found image rootfs (length 58851328)
Suitable USB device not found, waiting
USB device found found at bus 001, device address 004
Found board Nokia 770 (F5)
NOLO version 0.9.0
Sending X-Loader image (13 kB)...
100% (13 of 13 kB, avg. 710 kB/s)
Sending secondary image (77 kB)...
100% (77 of 77 kB, avg. 798 kB/s)
Flashing X-Loader... done.
Sending kernel image (1447 kB)...
100% (1447 of 1447 kB, avg. 524 kB/s)
Flashing kernel... done.
Sending initfs image (1544 kB)...
100% (1544 of 1544 kB, avg. 964 kB/s)
Flashing initfs... done.
Sending and flashing rootfs image (57472 kB)...
100% (57472 of 57472 kB, avg. 734 kB/s)
Finishing flashing... done

Restoring the backup killed my list of preferred radio stations. I was asked about some files that were older on the backup, and I chose to keep the newest files from the new image, and that might have overwritten my preferred stations list.
The backup and restore process doesn’t take the files from my other applications, so I had to do that by hand.
Xterm didn’t require any changes.
Xchat2 was ok after copying ~/.xchat2 from the backup of /home/user I had made before flashing the system.
Gaim had to be setup manually. I copied ~/.gaim, but it didn’t bring back my old setup. Fortunately the changes were few, mostly my nicks and passwords.
Ssh just had to have ~/.ssh copied over from the backup.


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  1. andy diller avatar
    andy diller

    I had the same problem.

    Then I reflashed and DID NOT restore settings from my 45-8. It seems to be much more stable now, but I’ve had to re-setup things by hand.

    51 with my restored settings was almost unsable- Newsreader didn’t work, I got out of memory errors and it would reboot all the time.

  2. Rick Hull avatar
    Rick Hull

    that makes sense. the install instructions should suggest that you accept the new settings. keeping the old settings would be a nice feature, but probably entail classification of past and future settings — probably not too tough in the long run.

  3. Daryl Stimm avatar
    Daryl Stimm

    ever since I flashed mine, I cant login to Its pissing me off, it says loading…. and It wont connect. I can get in using basic mode if I turn off java script, and also works. But not standard mode. Its driving me up the wall. It seems its redirecting to something constantly. Before the flash it worked, now it doesnt. Hopefully nokia will fix this. Also where the heck can I get minimo!?!?

  4. There seem to be the same gmail problem on my tablet. It just sits there with “Loading …” in the upper left corner of the window.

    Does it also happen if you’re already logged in? I was asked to log in before it happened.

  5. Sorry but,
    Does anybody knows were to find a changelog for the upgraded package, so we can decide to upgrade or not to?

    Thank you

    By the while, how do you add up radio stations to the list?

  6. imapopsensation avatar

    Same problem here, I go to gmail, log in, and then. Loading loading loading… loading… If anyone has solved this, please let me know

  7. I upgraded my Nokia 770 to version 51-13, and now can no longer see the flash memory card when the USB cable is connected. This happened when I connected the Nokia to either my desktop or notebook. Any one experienced this problem ?

  8. at_nokia_770 avatar

    your voice was heard 😉

  9. Kien, did not you leave the machine in usb-host mode? In that case the USB plug does not behave as USB drive for a PC any more. i szúch case you need to start the flasher with the other option…

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