It's All Text screenshot

Text editing in Firefox

I’ve often been annoyed with the editing possibilities in Firefox, but now I have found a couple of useful add-ons which helps quite a bit.
The first, Resizeable Textarea, does as it says. It makes all text areas, that is, multiline text input boxes, resizeable. Place the mouse over the edge of the text area, and the area can be resized interactively, just like in most window managers. No more editing long texts in four lines windows 🙂

It's All Text screenshot
It’s All Text screenshot

The other add-on is It’s All Text, which adds a small “edit” button to each text area. Click that button and the text in the area is opened in an external editor where you often have much better editing functions than you have in Firefox. The text in the text area is synchronised with the text in the editor automatically when you save the file, and, of course, when you exit the editor.


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