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  • White egret

    White egret

    White egret taking off (Certosa island, Venice)

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  • Misty day on the Certosa island

    Misty day on the Certosa island

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  • Long time, no racks

    Long time, no racks

    Venice Kayak has now operated for eight seasons, and to celebrate that we have finally made some racks for the kayaks. For the first time ever we haven’t got any kayaks lying around on the ground. The three boats below aren’t ours 🙂 Next project must be to make a rack for the gondola.

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  • Nativa by Arzanà navi

    Nativa by Arzanà navi

    The Nativa is a super yacht built by Arzanànavi. It is quite often moored at the Certosa island from where we do our kayaking tours.

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  • Bits of Rusty History

    Bits of Rusty History

    The Certosa island was home to an armaments factory, the Pirotecnica della Certosa, for the first half of the 20th century. It was shut down definitively in 1958. I found this on the ground a few days ago.

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  • Winter project: rowing a gondola

    Winter project: rowing a gondola

    My winter project this year is to learn how to row a gondola well enough to move around the canals of Venice. For now, however, we’re rowing in the area of the Certosa, Vignole and Sant’Erasmo Islands in the lagoon.

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