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  • Fifteen minutes in a Venetian park

    Fifteen minutes in a Venetian park

    The photos below are taken in fifteen minutes, walking about 200m.

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  • Lio Piccolo 

    Lio Piccolo 

    While I’ve kayaked a lot around much of the lagoon, I’ve never been to some of the northernmost parts. My friend Selina took me up there by car, looking for flamingos.

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  • Black and white photography

    Black and white photography

    Martina and I went and did another photography class with Marc de Tolenaere – this time on black and white photography. Much of the focus was technical: correct exposure and post production. We talked about Ansel Adams‘ zone system, and the need to make sure that important areas of the composition aren’t too dark so […]

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  • Venetian fairground

    Venetian fairground

    Every Christmas there’s a fairground in Venice, in the Riva dei Sette Martiri, for small children.  

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  • Regata Storica

    Regata Storica

    This year’s Regata Storica was held on September 6th, and we went down to look in our gondola, which we moored just opposite the Erberia close to Rialto.

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  • Tour of the lagoon

    Tour of the lagoon

    We went for a tour around the lagoon of Venice on Sunday, up north past Burano and Torcello to the abandoned islands of Sant’Ariano, La Cura and further up to some of the fish farms in the lagoon.

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  • No Grandi Navi

    No Grandi Navi

    On May 9th there was a fairly large demonstration in Venice against the passage of the cruise ships in the lagoon. We went and took some photos.

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  • Nativa by Arzanà navi

    Nativa by Arzanà navi

    The Nativa is a super yacht built by Arzanànavi. It is quite often moored at the Certosa island from where we do our kayaking tours.

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  • Reflections in Venice

    Reflections in Venice

    Throughout October we’ve had some fantastic reflections in the water. Less traffic and a different light are probably the main reasons.

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  • Photography classes II

    Photography classes II

    I did a basic level photography course back in the spring, and in September and October I did the next level course. The teacher was Marc De Tollenaere. This course covered several themes which all build on the basics from the first course, requiring manual adjustments to ISO, aperture and shutter speed to get the […]

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  • Photography classes

    Photography classes

    This year I have taken a couple of photography classes, for the first time ever, and I have learned a lot. Like so many others I have just relied on the automatic settings and shot without thinking too much. While it mostly works, it also only mostly works. Both classes were taught by Marc De […]

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  • Waterproff cameras

    Waterproff cameras

    If you want to take photos from your kayak, you’ll want a waterproof camera that’s easy to operate. I certainly wouldn’t recommend taking you expensive SLR 🙂 I have search a bit on the net, and apparently there are only two producers of simple waterproof digital cameras: Pentax and Olympus. Pentax Optio W10 A 6 […]

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