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  • Gilberto Penzo: La gondola

    Gilberto Penzo: La gondola

    “La gondola” by Gilberto Penzo is the definitive book on the Venetian gondola, but it has been out of print for years. A second edition has now been published.

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  • Black and white photography

    Black and white photography

    Martina and I went and did another photography class with Marc de Tolenaere – this time on black and white photography. Much of the focus was technical: correct exposure and post production. We talked about Ansel Adams‘ zone system, and the need to make sure that important areas of the composition aren’t too dark so […]

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  • Contorted Venice

    Contorted Venice

    In the 1960s a deep canal was dug across the Venetian lagoon to give access to bigger ships to the commercial harbour at Marghera, and since then Venice has been flooded by ever more frequent and ever higher tides. To counter this threat to Venice’s existence a system of mobile flood gates was devised at […]

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  • The Burano Colour Game

    The Burano Colour Game

    Burano is famous for its many coloured houses. One of the fun things to do there is to find houses that matches people’s clothes.

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  • Voga alla Valesana

    Voga alla Valesana

    There’s another type of Venetian rowing using two oars. It is probably less well know than the one oar type used in the gondolas of Venice. Voga alla valesana involves using two oars simultaneously, crossed. It can be quite tricky.

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  • Cruise invasion of Venice

    Cruise invasion of Venice

    This weekend some 28 cruise ships and ferries will arrive in Venice. On Sunday alone, 12 cruise ships will arrive, of which 8 are huge, all in all carrying over 40.000 passengers. This might all be good. After all, 40.000 passengers have money in their pockets, which means business for Venice. Its not all that […]

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  • Regata Storica 2013 – the calm between the races

    Regata Storica 2013 – the calm between the races

    Maybe one of the best things about the Regata Storica is that practically no motorboats are allowed. The Canalazzo returns to some of its original splendor, full of slow and elegant movement, blurred reflections and magical light.

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  • Regata Storica 2013 – pageants

    Regata Storica 2013 – pageants

    The initial part of the Regata Storica is a pageant of Venetian boats. Local rowing clubs have some really remarkable boats, like gondolas with 10, 12 or 14 oarsmen, or a peata which is a huge cargo boat used on the rivers. Some boats are from associations that try to promote Venetian rowing like Viva […]

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