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  • Kingfishers


    Every once in a while we spot a kingfisher when we’re paddling around in Venice and surroundings. This year it has happened surprisingly often, and as a first I have managed to get some photos with the waterproof compact cameras we carry on our tours. Kingfisher seen in Venice, Canale San Pietro: Kingfisher seen at…

  • Walking on water

    Walking on water

    I never really liked spiders, but I met this fellow in the lagoon today, and a couple of his mates, and while I knew some small animals can walk on water, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

  • Tour of the lagoon

    Tour of the lagoon

    We went for a tour around the lagoon of Venice on Sunday, up north past Burano and Torcello to the abandoned islands of Sant’Ariano, La Cura and further up to some of the fish farms in the lagoon.

  • The death of an island

    The death of an island

    The island Madonna del Monte, aka Madonna del Rosario, is a small island in the Venetian lagoon, located on the canal which connects Murano and Burano. It is dying a slow death. It housed a monastery for a period in the middle ages, but then lay abandoned for centuries, until another monastery was founded in…