Living in Venice Rowing in Venice


Ever since I moved to Venice I have wanted to do more rowing Venetian style, voga alla veneta, where you row standing up and looking forward while pushing the oar, basically like you see the gondolas being rowed around Venice. When I lived on the Lido a few years back, I went rowing at the […]

The Ugliest Boat in Venice

Or maybe just a contender.

Living in Venice

Working boats

Venetian boats at work. There’s a green grocer on a boat behind the gondola, and a topo to the right. Three different uses for boats in Venice.

Venice Kayak

Vogalonga 2009

The 35th Vogalonga was held on May 31st, on the Sunday following Ascension as tradition dictates. The Vogalonga is a 30km non-competitive “race” through the city of Venice and the lagoon. It starts a 9 from St. Mark’s with a cannon shot, and proceeds around Sant’Elena, past the islands of Certosa, Le Vignole, Sant’Erasmo, San […]