Month: June 2007

Venice for paddlers

Tomorrow I’m off for Venice for a week’s paddling. I’ve never paddled in Venice before, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be going with my friend Jes. Marco from Venice will pick us up at the airport, and

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Bird watching

I know most of the sea birds species in Copenhagen from my daily walks with the dog, but since I started paddling I have seen other species you don’t normally see in town. In the city we have Mallard, Coot,

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Paddling home

Today I paddled home from the beach park. Almost as usual, somebody had taken my kayak for use in a beginners course at Kajakhotellet, so I had to settle for something else. First I laid my greedy eyes on a

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Saltholm, Flakfortet and the Wind Turbines

Today’s paddle took me a bit around the strait of Øresund. I started at the shop,, and first I just planned to do on of the usual tours in the vicinity, but the sea was so calm and the

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Thursday’s paddle

Every Thursday my local kayak shop has a come-along paddle, just for a few hours after work. It is free for all, but yesterday we were only five, two coaches, two aspirant coaches and a girl that helps in the

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Rockpool’s Menai 18

Yesterday I went back to Varberg in Sweden to try the Rockpool Menai 18. I had made an appointment with Sara from Escape Kajakcenter in Gothenborg, Sweden, that they would bring a Menai 18 and an Alaw Bach to Varberg

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Back to Sweden

I went to Sweden last week to try the Rockpool Alaw and the Alaw Bach at the Escape Kajakcenter in Göteborg. At that point I didn’t know that the Menai 18 was in production, so I didn’t try it. Now

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