Tour of the lagoon

We went for a tour around the lagoon of Venice on Sunday, up north past Burano and Torcello to the abandoned islands of Sant’Ariano, La Cura and further up to some of the fish farms in the lagoon.

Selina and Martina Stefano and Marco Selina and Martina Martina with flying hair Stefano chatting to a bricola Everybody enjoying the view Relax Relax The abandoned island La Cura with riuns Martin at the abandoned island La Cura L'isola che non c'é The bragosso - a traditional cargo boat Fish farm shelter build on an old boat Inspecting the marshes Carefully inspecting the marshes Fish farm equipment Martina The boat from the island The island from the boat Martina taking photos Everybody chatting on the way back Dinner in the boat
The abandoned island La Cura with riuns
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