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Venice Kayak is my kayaking company in Venice, Italy.

Self Portrait

From above  (or below) If it is possible to truly love a kayak I love my Skim Dex. It is probably the seat I sit in the most from April to October.

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Evening Paddling in Venice

Its very hard doing justice to the experience of paddling down the Canal Grande after dark, with only a cheap point-and-shoot camera, but I’m not going to bring my SLR in a kayak.

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À faire en Italie – Canadian TV

Somehow myself, Steve Lutsch from Canada and my friend Loretta from Venice, end up in a Canadian-French TV programme, called “À faire en Italie – La liste de Françios-Etienne”. I’ve only seen this little bit, so I have no idea

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Launching from a beach

For almost four years I’ve been doing my kayaking tours of Venice from a camp site on the Lido di Venezia. It has been, and is, in many ways a good launch spot close to Venice, but it is not

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UFO – Unidentified Floating Object

When paddling around Venice we often see slightly weird boats around — different shapes, odd names, alternative behaviour — but the other day I encountered something in a category of its own. I tried to get a good photo of

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Acqua Alta

Yesterday we had one of the first acqua alta‘s of the winter. It wasn’t exceptionally high, reaching a level of 100cm above the historical average water level, but it was just enough to wet a few places around the city,

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Venice Kayak in the Guardian

Kayaking in Venice: who needs a gondola? by Teresa Machan in The Guardian, September 26th, 2009. Forget water taxis and tourist rides, if you want a fresh perspective on La Serenissima, jump in a kayak and paddle up to St

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Fire Brigade on the Canalazzo

There are strict speed limits on the Canal Grande, and its under constant surveillance, but the speed limits don’t apply to the fire brigade, as can be seen from these photos. When you hear the siren you better move –

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The Elagoonephant

There has been a larger than usual mammal on the loose in the lagoon this summer. The life size elephant stands on a shallow island near the Certosa island, just east of Venice, on the canal that leads to the

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At high tide the water in the canals at Murano is clean enough for the local children to swin and play in the water. The kids were jumping from the bridge in front of the medieval church SS. Marie e

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