Excess gear being sent back to Palermo

Parcel update

I have finally received an answer from the Poste Italiane (the usual word document attached to an empty email):

In riferimento alla sua e-mail del “07/01/2008” con Oggetto: «pacco estero», Le comunichiamo che per richieste di informazioni sull’esito di spedizioni inviate e/o in attesa, riguardanti il prodotto dei pacchi internazionali, si dovrà  recare esclusivamente presso l’Ufficio Postale per la compilazione dell’apposito modello CN08 ( modello di reclamo internazionale) in quanto attualmente, per tali spedizioni, non è previsto alcun servizio di T. & T. e nessuna assistenza telefonica.

which is (more or less) in English:

With reference to your email of January 7, 2008, with the subject “pacco estero” [which wasn’t the subject -rs], we can inform you that for requests for information on the whereabouts of missives sent and/or awaited, regarding international parcels, it is necessary exclusively to present oneself at the postal office to fill in the form model CN08 (model for international complaint) since at this time, for such missives, no service is foreseen by the T&T [probably Track&Trace -rs] and no telephonic assistance.

That’s Italian bureaucratic lingo for “f… you”.


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  1. Derek W avatar

    My wife tried to send me gifts twice from Italy, and both times the “Poste Italiane” lost them, and didn’t reimburse her for the lost items. She even filled out the forms. My advice is to use Poste Italiane when it absolutely, positively has to never get there. For example, you might want to use them to send the murder weapon to police. It’s the best way to make sure it’s never seen again.

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