Today has been a calm and hot day and I have made good progress for a second day. I’ve paddled from Cala della Speranze to Porto Alabe (5km S of Bosa) with a short detour up the river to Bosa, about 39km in all.

I launched early (for my standards at least) at 8.30 to take advantage of the calm weather. No a wind was moving, and the only waves were the sorry remains of the swells from yesterday. It couldn’t have been easier and I was at Capo Marargiu in no time. At the Torre Argentina I stopped for lunch and an hour’s rest.

At Bosa Marina I got a bit curious, and started to paddle up the river Temo to get a glimpse of Bosa and the medieval fortress above the city. I ended paddling all the way to the centre of Bosa, with the cathedral at the old bridge. On the way back I stopped at Bosa Marina for an icecream.

From there it was only a few km to the beach of Porto Alabe where I will stay the night.

Tomorrow I have another stretch of deserted coastline to negotiate, until S. Catarina di Pittinuri. I hope to be able to round Capo Mannu tomorrow, but it depends on the weather. The weather forecast is much like for today, with mostly easternly winds most of the day, which should leave me sheltered by the mountains, but tomorrow will show what tomorrow will be like.



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