SWSUSP2 woes

I have never really used the suspend options on my laptops but since it might be handy I tried to install Software Suspend 2 on my Asus M2N laptop.
SWSUSP2 was already supported in the kernel I recently installed, so it should be very easy, but no.
At boot I give the kernel the resume2=swap:/dev/hda5 which is my swap partition, and afterwards I can suspend using a hibernate script I downloaded here.
The problem is resuming. The resume process starts fine, restoring kernel and process data, but then freezes. There is no progress and no disk activity. In the end there is no other way out than to turn off power and boot with the noresume2 from the lilo prompt.
Its a bit of a bummer.
Looking around a bit didn’t help much. There seem to be some issues with DRI and possibly the agpgart and i830 kernel modules, but currently there is little I can do about that, since I have compiled them statically in the kernel.


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  1. Have you tried posting to the softwaresuspend-devel or -help lists? People on them are usually really helpful.

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    I had almost the same problem and gave up… So if a solution comes up, am really interested…

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    Luke Diamand

    It works like a charm with 2.6.9. 2.6.10 seems to have some issues (or I’ve just done something wrong).

    This is on an IBM R40. The only change I had to make was to add these 2 lines to /etc/hibernate/hibernate.conf:

    SwitchToTextMode yes
    UseDummyXServer yes

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