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  • Easter in Palermo

    Easter in Palermo

    The weather has gone haywire in most of Europe, and we’ve got our part of the fun here in Sicily too. No snowstorms though, its not that extreme, but we’ve had a lots of rain, winds between force 4 and 7 and seas so rough many ferries have been deviated or had to remain in […]

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  • In Palermo

    We’re in Palermo now. The journey went smoothly and we’re fine. For some reason flight is the opposite of most other commodities, in that the less you pay the more you get. Our itinerary took us therefore first from Copenhagen to London, Stanstead, where we had to collect our luggage as our two flights weren’t […]

  • A day in Palermo

    A day in Palermo

    A few days ago I went for a walk here in Palermo, and I took some photos along the way. The road was from Piazza Don Bosco towards Piazza Noce and back. A funny bending fence A nice calm sidewalk without parked cars This is where mafiosi shot down Cesare Terranova and his driver Lenin […]

  • Italian Commercial Neologisms

    Italian Commercial Neologisms

    Italian shops are often called something ending in “-eria”. A bookshop is a libreria, from libro which means book. A pizzeria makes and sell pizze (plural of pizza), a gelateria sells gelato, icecream, and so on. An osteria sells hospitality, literally a “hostery” like in “host” 🙂 Since the scheme is very simple, it is […]

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