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  • Horisont Kajak

    Today I kept the appointment I missed last week. I’ve been to Stockholm again to meet Carin and Lars from Horisont Kajak. Horisont Kajak does coaching and excursions in the skerries around Stockholm. They are far from the largest kayak business in the Stockholm area, but no doubt one of the most dedicated and active. […]

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  • Back to Stockholm

    I’m heading back to Stockholm on Tuesday for a short visit to Horisont Kajak. I was supposed to meet with Carin and Lars on last Thursday, but failed to make it within the time constraints I was travelling under. Now I’ll try to make up for it. Since I’m leaving for Italy on May 1st, […]

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  • Tour of Sweden

    Tour of Sweden

    I’ve spend most of the last days roaming parts of southern and central Sweden. All in all I did some 1500 km in three days, but only managed to keep two of my three appointments. On Wednesday I drove from Copenhagen to Gothenburg to visit my friends Sara, Johan and Elda at Escape Kajakcenter. The […]

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  • Escape Kayak Centre, Göteborg

    Escape Kayak Centre, Göteborg

    After the Stockenträffen in Orust, Sweden, Wendy and I went to Göteborg with Sara and Johan from Escape Kayak Centre. Wendy has agreed to do her Newfoundland presentation at Escape on Tuesday evening, so we had two whole days there. Dubside who had been touring southern Sweden with Escape in the weeks up to the […]

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  • Stockenträffen


    Wendy and I are just back from the annual Stockenträffen in Sweden. We went there on Thursday afternoon with Freya Hoffmeister in her huge van. The weather forecast had promised force 5-6 winds and regular showers, but fortunately we only got the former. We had arranged for kayaks from Escape Kayak Centre in Gothenborg, but […]

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