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  • Bicycles in Berlin

    Bicycles in Berlin

    I’ve been bicycling all my life, and its one of the very few things I miss here in Venice. Berlin, on the other hand, is full of bicycles.

  • More expensive flights to Venice :-(

    More expensive flights to Venice 🙁

    Sterling Airlines, the company I have normally used for low fare flights to and from Venice, has just filed for bankruptcy today. It’ll be a few months before I’m heading back to Venice, but I wonder what this will do to prices. It never was a great company to fly with, but they were cheap…

  • Almost had an accident

    Almost had an accident

    I almost had a nasty accident on my travel by motorcycle from Venice back to Copenhagen, and somebody definitely had one. I left Venice just after noon on Thursday, and decided to drive through the night to get as far as possible before stopping to sleep. Everything went smoothly for about a 1000km, until approx.…

  • Highway holidays

    I’ve spent today exploring a few North Italian motorways. The A4 from Venice towards Milan is nice and spacious, but it was much too wet for my taste. It rained on and off for most of the time, and the lateral decorations are mostly urban and industrial in nature. All in all practical but not…

  • The Ultimate Kayak Trip

    I sure hope this is a joke or, if not, that they call of the trip. Don’t miss out on their section of “Why” and “Dangers”.

  • Homeward bound

    Homeward bound

    I’m on my way north now. I left Palermo Sunday evening with the ferry to Naples, from where I went by motorbike to Rome. The crossing was eventless, the ferry mostly empty. The ferry arrived in Naples early, around 6:30, and I was on the motorway before seven, as the sun rose over the Appenines.…