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  • Gilberto Penzo: La gondola

    Gilberto Penzo: La gondola

    “La gondola” by Gilberto Penzo is the definitive book on the Venetian gondola, but it has been out of print for years. A second edition has now been published.

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  • Black and white photography

    Black and white photography

    Martina and I went and did another photography class with Marc de Tolenaere – this time on black and white photography. Much of the focus was technical: correct exposure and post production. We talked about Ansel Adams‘ zone system, and the need to make sure that important areas of the composition aren’t too dark so […]

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  • Gondoliere practise

    Gondoliere practise

    Waiting for the Carnival procession on the Canal Grande at the traghetto San Samuele we enjoyed the view of two gondolieri practising the manoeuvres they need to do the operate the traghetto. They needed to turn the boat repeatedly and fast, to navigate the current and waves the other traffic caused and to enter the […]

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  • Working the night shift

    Working the night shift

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  • The Gondola Zoo

    The Gondola Zoo

    As I was walking the dog this morning down in our campo, watching the gondolas being readied for the day, I hear one of the gondoliers moan “oh, here comes another group” and speedily retreat away from the boats. Shortly after they arrive, a group of 30-40 tourists, Russian sounding, probably from a cruise ship, […]

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  • Modern times in Venice

    Modern times in Venice

    Violence in Venice is rather rare, it is generally considered a fairly safe place to be. However, yesterday, a man stepped into a bar in the Via Garibaldi, which I pass very often and frequent at times, with his face covered, pulled out a gun and shot twice at the owner who was behind the […]

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  • Hard work on a windy day

    Hard work on a windy day

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