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Walking on water

Walking on water

I never really liked spiders, but I met this fellow in the lagoon today, and a couple of his mates, and while I knew some small animals can walk on water, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Lagoon turtle

There aren’t many reptile species in the lagoon of Venice. The lucertole are all over,there are snakes on some islands, and apparently one species of pond turtle, though I’ve never seen one of the those. Yesterday, however, I saw what looked like a different kind […]

Flightless heron

I met a grey heron the other day when I walked along the old fortifications near my home.

Its not all that unusual, they’re getting quite common around here, even in the centre of town. Most often we see them wading in the low water under the brink or sitting in the top of small trees, and they usually take flight if you get closer than about ten meters or so.

This one had settled on the fence of a viewing platform near the main path along the ramparts, which was a bit unusual, so I sat down to watch it for a while. Not only had it picked an unusual place to rest, it also seemed very reluctant to leave it. A man feeding the ducks went all the way down to it, and all it did was to take a few steps along the fence to keep more distance, and two children ran down to it, shouting, and it hardly moved.

After watching it for some time I too walked down to take a few photos with my mobile phone, and it allowed me as close as one metre without showing signs of distress. I took a few pictures as close as I could and walked on. From the next bastion I could see it was still sitting there.

I have never been that close to a grey heron before.

Narwhal massacre in Greenland

The Danish press has reported on a narwhal massacre in Greenland recently, where 42 narwhals have been killed, for their tusks and a limited amount of flesh. The rest of the whale were left to rot on the shore. The remains of the whales were […]

Spring at last

It seems spring is on its way around here. Flowers in the forest New leaves My beagle Jamil is taking a mud bath Look how beautiful he has become 🙂 Not everything is beautiful in the forest. Somebody is preparing for another year’s crop of […]

Busy Busy

It’ll be a busy day in Venice today.

The day did, however, have a less auspicious start. As I was having breakfast at the camping at little thing dropped on the table just beside me. It was …


… the severed head of a bee!

There must have been some really nasty business going on up there between the leaves, but as I was busy too, I didn’t crawl up there to investigate.

I’ll have my temporary passport today if all goes well. I have the photos ready, and everything should be ready at the consulate too. I’m off to the vaporetto for the city in a moment.

The battery of my Nokia N800 Internet Tablet has died. It is not the new one sponsored by Nokia Nseries, but the one I have had for quite some time. I had it recharging all day yesterday and its still flat. Apparently its a slightly special battery, because the shops here on the Lido don’t have it. I hope I can find one, I’ve gotten so used to always having it with me.

Then I have to rent a car with a roof rack so we can transport the kayaks on the roof, book the ferry to Sardinia and pick up Wendy at the airport. Then tomorrow, we’ll be paddling together in the lagoon and in the city.

Then, lets hope the bees back at the camping have had their internal affairs sorted out before we’re back.

Bird watching

I know most of the sea birds species in Copenhagen from my daily walks with the dog, but since I started paddling I have seen other species you don’t normally see in town. In the city we have Mallard, Coot, Tufted Duck, Great Crested Grebe, […]