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  • III Symposium Internacional de Kayak de Mar

    III Symposium Internacional de Kayak de Mar

    So, now we have signed up for the symposium in Spain – the III Symposium Internacional de Kayak de Mar – held in Llança/Port de la Selva in Catalonia on April 4-5-6 followed by additional activities in the following week, until April 12. We’ll be going to Spain by motorcycle through Germany and France and…

  • Nigel Foster’s Whiskey 16

    Nigel Foster’s Whiskey 16

    Venice Kayak has taken delivery of one of the very first of Nigel Foster‘s new design, the Point 65º Whiskey 16. Nigel Foster himself took it for its virgin paddle in the lagoon at Bibione. There are more photos of the Whiskey 16 and Nigel Foster on Flickr.

  • Bibione Weekend

    Bibione Weekend

    It has been a busy weekend here at the Bibione Kayak Symposium, as it should be. Expecting a rush on Saturday, I signed up for classes on Friday, so I was out of the way of the way for the weekend. Morning class was with Jen Kleck, for rolling exercises. Jen is an absolutely marvellous…

  • Bibione Kayak Symposium

    Bibione Kayak Symposium

    A bit delayed, as is normal and indeed expected here in Italy, I’ve arrived here at the Capalonga Camping for the first Bibione Kayak Symposium. It was a 90km drive from Venice, with side bags on the motorcycle, the tent and a split paddle on the back seat. The only noteworthy event of the drive…

  • Stockenträffen


    Wendy and I are just back from the annual Stockenträffen in Sweden. We went there on Thursday afternoon with Freya Hoffmeister in her huge van. The weather forecast had promised force 5-6 winds and regular showers, but fortunately we only got the former. We had arranged for kayaks from Escape Kayak Centre in Gothenborg, but…

  • Stockenträffen

    So Wendy and I are off to Orust for the Stockenträffen sea kayak meet-up. We’ll be leaving today when Freya Hoffmeister picks us up here in Copenhagen and we’ll go with her to Orust. There we’ll have fun and play with all the others. Among the presenters are Nigel Foster, Dubside and Freya. After the…

  • Photos from the Symposium in Spain