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  • Nextcloud on Synology NAS

    Nextcloud on Synology NAS

    Installing Nextcloud on a Synology NAS

  • Synology DS720+ and NVME drives

    Synology DS720+ and NVME drives

    Setting up two NVME drives as a volume on a Synology DS720+ NAS

  • Philips PicoPix Max portable projector

    Philips PicoPix Max portable projector

    We’ve gotten our hands on a Philips PicoPix Max portable projector, and it is a very nice little gadget. The projector is an android device with the projector instead of a display, and a touchpad on the top of the device for input. It comes with a remote control that’ll handle most of the day…

  • WordPress without a web server

    WordPress without a web server

    In the almost two months we’ve spent in Coronavirus lockdown here in Venice, I’ve had the opportunity to get some of the old forgotten tasks done. During one of these I finally got around working with WordPress from the command line, and directly from PHP without running a web server. It is amazingly simple. My…

  • WordPress update failed to complete

    WordPress update failed to complete

    I have a bunch of sites running on a Debian multi-site setup. Managing it is normally simple. However, one day I activated automatic WordPress updates. Big mistake. The next minor WordPress update failed miserably, due to lack of permissions, and all the sites carried the message: There was no way of getting rid of the…

  • WordPress Hamilton Theme add-on

    WordPress Hamilton Theme add-on

    I’ve got several site running on the brilliant minimalistic Hamilton theme for WordPress. It is a free theme created by Anders Norén. The only thing I found missing was to be able to display posts and pages easily in the same way they appear on the blog posts page. After bit of experimenting, I came…

  • Videos on Facebook

    Post a video on Facebook with some music in it, and they’ll remove it due to “Intellectual Property” concerns. I’ve found some classical music that’s free to use in videos, actively put in the Public Domain by the artists, and Facebook will complain anyway. There’s even a not so subtle threat in there: Hello, We…

  • Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook – NP530U3C-A08IT – Debian Wheezy installation

    Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook – NP530U3C-A08IT – Debian Wheezy installation

    I’ve bought a Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook, model NP530U3C-A08IT to be exact, and Italian version. Its a 13″ laptop, 1,5kg with a 128Gb SSD disk. I received with it another 120 Gb SSD disk, which I have used to install Debian Wheezy, keeping the original disk with a never booted Windows 8 apart. It is…

  • Installing newer ALSA driver on an Asus Eee Pc 1000H

    Installing newer ALSA driver on an Asus Eee Pc 1000H

    I have Debian testing on my Asus Eee Pc 1000H with Linux 2.6.26.  The ALSA driver therein doesn’t fully support the Eee Pc 1000H (and  therefore neither the 901).Sound playback is fine, but the microphone doesn’t work. Installing Linux 2.6.28 was a no-go as the drivers for the wireless isn’t available there, so I decided…

  • iPod Classic finally working

    A while ago I had the opportunity of swapping my 60Gb iPod (5G) for a 160Gb iPod Classic (6G), and naturally I accepted, only to be bitten by the “No music” bug. The old iPod, and an iPod Nano I also use, can easily be updated with new music and playlists through number of Linux…

  • Cpu Frequency and Gnome Power Manager

    I’ve installed Debian with Gnome on my new Asus EeePC 1000H, and for some reason the Gnome Power Manager preferences wouldn’t let me decide on what cpu frequency scaling governor I wanted to use. I’m trying to squeeze as much time as I can out of the battery, so I wanted it to be “powersave”…

  • Bluetooth Audio Headset

    Bluetooth Audio Headset

    I have a Philips SHB6100 bluetooth headset which I have only used with my mobile phone. A long time ago I tried getting it to work with Debian, but it was too much work for too little. Today I tried again, and things has changed quite a bit. I had it working in less than…