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  • Sound on Zepto Znote 3215W almost there

    Today a Linux 2.6.24 kernel appeared in Debian unstable, so I immediately gave it a try, to see if it did anything to the sound issues on my Zepto Znote 3214W laptop. First thing, the 2.6.24 kernel has ALSA 1.0.15 which is needed. The Realtek ALC268 doesn’t work with earlier versions of ALSA. Still the […]

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  • Suspend / hibernate problems in new Debian Testing install

    Suspend / hibernate problems in new Debian Testing install

    I’ve had quite a bit of problems getting suspend and hibernate to work in Gnome on my new Zepto Znote 3215W. The problem was that Gnome Power Manager simply refused to suspend or hibernate. The actual functions of suspend or hibernation works great, with a minimum of fiddling. The Gnome Power Manager comes with a […]

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  • What kind of argument is this?

    From Microsoft: IBM masterminded OOXML failure Nicos Tsilas, senior director of interoperability and IP policy at Microsoft, said that IBM and the likes of the Free Software Foundation have been lobbying governments to mandate the rival OpenDocument Format (ODF) standard to the exclusion of any other format. “They have made this a religious and highly […]

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  • Zepto Znote 3215W with Debian Testing/lenny

    Zepto Znote 3215W with Debian Testing/lenny

    As my old Asus M2N laptop got older and older, and for some reason slower and slower, I decided to buy a new one. I ended up gettinng a Zepto Znote 3215W with a few customisations. There were several reason for this choice: Zepto has very competive prices, Zepto will sell laptops without an OS […]

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  • Verbatim SmartDisk NAS External Harddrive

    I was low on disk space for photos and music, so in a whim I bought a “Verbatim SmartDisk NAS External Harddrive” from where I usually buy blank media. It had a decent size, it wasn’t expensive and it supported NFS. The first thing I did was to reformat the drive as ext3 in stead […]

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  • Nokia Nseries N810 on the way

    The discount codes are finally activated on the Danish Nokia direct shop, so I have now ordered my new N810 tablet. It should be here in a few days time. I can hardly wait 🙂

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  • test

    [acx_slideshow name=”Front page”]

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  • Google Calendar in the Gnome panel

    I haven’t really used the calendar part of the little clock I have in my gnome panel, since its integrated with Evolution, and I use Thunderbird for my mail and Google Calendar for my calendar. The other day I decided to try out Evolution again—after all, you never know—and I subscribed to some of my […]

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  • Mass upload to WordPress

    I often make photo entries on my other non-technical blog, and it is such a pain having to upload photo after photo in two sizes. Yesterday I discovered the Upload Unzipper which implements uploads of zip-files which are then unpacked on the server and treated as individual uploads. Fantastic time saver.

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  • Comment spam

    I just went through the comment moderation queue on this blog, and there were four (4) valid comments out of 385 comments. Spam is such a pain that I can’t even imagine how it would be without comment moderation activated.

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  • Vodafone Wi-Fi Hotspots

    I have the dubious pleasure of using a Vodafone Wi-Fi hots at the Jolly Hotel at Cagliari. It must be the lousiest hotspot I have ever used. I am consistently thrown off every few minutes and association attempts fail three times out of four. It makes it bloody hard to do something with the time […]

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  • Nokia N800 on kayak journey

    Nokia N800 on kayak journey

    I’m on a three month kayak journey around the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Our only computers on this trip are two N800 tablets which we use daily for email, checking weather forecasts and for blogging. They keep us connected and updated wherever we go. Our blog is at We’re bringing two N800 […]

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  • Compiz 0.5 in Debian unstable

    Compiz 0.5 in Debian unstable

    Compiz 0.5 arrived in unstable a while ago. I usually run testing, but the Compiz 0.3.6 I used came from experimental. Unfortunately, an installation of Compiz 0.5 from unstable on a testing system would update libc6 and hence almost all of the system to unstable. I waited. The libc6 update passed into testing recently, and […]

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  • Text editing in Firefox

    Text editing in Firefox

    I’ve often been annoyed with the editing possibilities in Firefox, but now I have found a couple of useful add-ons which helps quite a bit.The first, Resizeable Textarea, does as it says. It makes all text areas, that is, multiline text input boxes, resizeable. Place the mouse over the edge of the text area, and […]

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  • Playlists on a Nokia 6131

    Nokia has in their infinite wisdom decided to make playlists in the media player of my Nokia 6131 phone a complete mess. They claim the phone supports M3U playlists, but if you copy one to the phone using a cable or bluetooth, you just get a “Unsupported media type” message. So much for support. Playlist […]

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  • Aptitude

    I’ve been using dpkg, apt-get and apt-cache for a long time, but since I got a new laptop with a fresh install of Debian testing I have been playing with new toys. One is aptitude. I found the curses-based interface obnoxious, but after some time I came to like the command line interface. It has […]

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  • Nokia N800 firmware upgrade 3.2007.10-7

    Nokia released a new firmware for the N800 tablets, and I flashed mine yesterday. It was by far the easiest upgrade ever. I took a backup first and stored it on the internal flash card, and flashed the unit as per the instructions. One of the first questions asked was if I wanted a backup […]

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  • Blog moved to WordPress

    I finally got my act together at moved this blog to WordPress. There’s still a few lose ends, some uploaded pictures are missing and will have to be added by hand, and the top graphic needs replacing. It’ll probably make a mess of those places using the feeds from here. Sorry about that.

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  • Printing photos on a HP Color LaserJet 2550

    This command prints nicely coloured photos on the laser printer: lp -o scaling=100 -o landscape -o PageRegion=A4 -o PageSize=A4 -o HPOption_PaperPolicy=Scale -o HPEdgeControl=Off -o HPColorSmart=Automatic -o HPRGBEmulation=Vivid -o MediaType=Glossy photo.jpg The media type will probably have to be adjusted to match the paper used. This command will show all the available options: lpoptions -l

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  • Gnome desktop links open in epiphany

    At some point recently desktop links have started to open in Epiphany, no matter what I do. I have set Firefox as my preferred browser and I have checked all entries in /etc/alternatives, and everything says ‘firefox’. Still, a link on my desktop will always open in Epiphany, whether I have Firefox running or not. […]

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