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  • Mestre


    It’s time to get some of the nitty-gritty details of the Venice Kayak project done, so I’m now in Mestre where my business partner Marco Ballarin lives. It is our plan to get some of the basic formalities and agreements in order in the next week or two. Hopefully we can get going in May. […]

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  • Golfo di Orosei

    Golfo di Orosei

    On Sunday the 30th of March we went paddling along the spectacular coast of Golfo di Orosei, where I also paddled last year. A 50km stretch of coastline is part of the national reserve of Gennargentu-Golfo di Orosei, which means that here isn’t a road or a house to see in the reserve. I paddled […]

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  • Winter’s back and we’re off :-)

    Winter’s back and we’re off 🙂

    We’re off to Palermo tomorrow morning, but the winter here in Denmark decided to give it one last try. This is the view from our kitchen window this afternoon: This little fellow doesn’t really care and neither do we, because the weather is fine in Palermo and we have all our paddling gear with us […]

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  • The Colour Orange

    I found this in my mail today. The idea is to associate the colour orange with a protest against the human rights abuses in China. Seems like an interesting way of getting an unwelcome message through the censorship, but it relies of a lot of people doing it. For the press, the mailing list and […]

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  • Wind turbine woes

    Wind turbine woes

    David Johnston at has put up a video of a Danish wind turbine blowing up in the wind. Direct youtube link here. Aeolian energy is huge here in Denmark and we get a significant part of our electricity from the wind. We have wind turbines plastered all over the landscape, so much that there […]

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  • More photos from Sardinia

    My good friend Francesco Muntoni who runs Cardedu Kayak in Sardinia, has started uploading photos from his home island to flickr. A month from now I will be down there again, to visit Francesco and to paddle the magnificent coast. Francesco is currently the custodian of my Skim Distance, seen here at Porto Quau in […]

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  • Venice Dried Out

    Venice Dried Out

    An extraordinary low tide left parts of the old town almost blocked yesterday, with canals dried out, gondolas stuck in the mud, and public transportation in difficulties. An ordinary low tide in Venice is between -40cm and -30cm but this one reached -72cm when it was at its lowest. At -60cm transportation in the city […]

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  • Unlikely Emergency Chargers

    I’ve always liked toys, and with a background in IT many of my toys are electronic. In Sardinia I had brought a mobile phone, a Nokia N800 tablet computer, a GPS receiver and a camera, and all required power, which regularly proved to be a problem. Even though I had brought solar panels as well, […]

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  • Marry Christmas

    Marry Christmas

    Merry Christmas. Paddle safe.

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  • Santa Lucia

    Santa Lucia

    Each year organises a Santa Lucia procession in kayak to collect funds for Amnesty International. Besides having a charitable purpose—each paddler paid €15 to AI to participate—its also a good excuse to get to paddle a bit off season. We were around 100 paddlers today. I saw one or two television crew on land, […]

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  • The Most Beautiful Kayak in the World

    The Most Beautiful Kayak in the World

    Today I unwrapped the most beautiful kayak in the world. It is a Rockpool Menai 18 and Mike Webb has outdone himself. Many Rockpool kayaks are spectacular, but none is as beautiful as mine 🙂 I ordered the Menai 18 last summer, and it was my intention to use it for the journey in Sardinia […]

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  • The Beagle Boogie

    What’s this silly dog doing? There’s a clue in each photo. Knowing beagles’ general interests in life does help 🙂

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  • Lupercale


    It was all over the news here in Italy last night. Apparently archaeologists in Rome have found the Lupercale on the Palatine hill. This is incredible news for anybody interested in ancient history. The Lupercale is legendary in more than one way. For the ancient Romans it was the cave under the Palatine hill where […]

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  • Busy Busy

    Busy Busy

    It’ll be a busy day in Venice today. The day did, however, have a less auspicious start. As I was having breakfast at the camping at little thing dropped on the table just beside me. It was … … the severed head of a bee! There must have been some really nasty business going on […]

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  • Small Home Office Disturbance

    Small Home Office Disturbance

    As I’m sitting here at Bar Maleti on the Gran Viale of the Lido di Venezia, the place is suddenly invaded. The two little ladies with their newspapers and espresso didn’t create much of a fuss, but the wedding party with photographer and everything did cause a minor commotion.

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  • Sponsored by Skim Kayaks

    Sponsored by Skim Kayaks

    When I started looking for sponsors for the circumnavigation of Sardinia and Sicily with Wendy Killoran, Skim Kayaks in Sweden were the very first I contacted for support. I know their kayaks well from Kajakhotellet here in Copenhagen, where I have paddled both models, and quite a few of my friends have Skim kayaks and […]

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  • News Update

    Wendy Killoran said to buy Greek Island Insistent rumors will that noted Canadian sea kayaker Wendy Killoran has obtained sponsorship for buying a Greek island as a future base for further kayak exploration of the Greek seas. The island appears to be St. George’s Island in Galaxidi Bay. If rumours be true, the island will […]

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  • Bird watching

    I know most of the sea birds species in Copenhagen from my daily walks with the dog, but since I started paddling I have seen other species you don’t normally see in town. In the city we have Mallard, Coot, Tufted Duck, Great Crested Grebe, Mute Swan, Grey Heron, Greylag Goose, and several species of […]

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  • Merry Christmas

    I hope you’ll find a lot of Nokia 770s under the trees 🙂

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