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  • Nice fellow

    Nice fellow

    Occasionally there’s something funny on Google Street View, occasionally something scary:

  • Pool sessions

    Pool sessions

    Yesterday I practised rolling in a pool for the first time in over two years. Its the first time for a long while I get some good rolling practise. My focus has been elsewhere, on touring in Sardinia, setting up a business in Venice, getting to know people and places in Venice, in general with…

  • Retrospective


    A few weeks ago it was the season of looking back, and being a bit slow on the uptake, I’m just about arriving there now. These last two years have seen quite a turn in my life. Two years ago I had a day job, a fairly ‘normal’ life, and just paddled for fun, and…

  • Personality disorder?

    Personality disorder?

    I played a bit with Typealizer which I found at Bonnie’s blog, who had it from Michael Bradley, only the result is a bit ambiguous. I ran the test on the two sites I put the most effort into, and got rather different results.

  • Homosexual necrophilia in the mallard

    This is so weird, some would probably say disturbing, but nature is a weird and sometimes disturbing place. On 5 June 1995 an adult male mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) collided with the glass façade of the Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam and died. An other drake mallard raped the corpse almost continuously for 75 minutes. (source: “the duck”…

  • No more war!

    No more war!

    The armistice which became the end to the Great War, the first world war, took effect at 11:11 o’clock on November 11, 1918, exact 90 years ago today. It was the most horrible war the world had ever seen, with carnage on an industrial scale, taking tens of millions of lifes over a period of…

  • The Gondola Blog

    The Gondola Blog

    By chance one day I stumbled over the Gondola Blog by Greg Mohr, who nurtures a burning passion for gondolas. He is, as he states on his blogger profile, a gondola fanatic. There are quite a few gondolas in the USA. One day I visited the Squero Tramontin in Venice, Roberto Tramontin told that there…

  • Video of Berlusconi’s ‘compliment’ to Obama

    Video of Berlusconi’s ‘compliment’ to Obama

    The Guardian has a video of Berlusconi followed by a few interviews with ‘common’ Italians. Video: Italians rage at Silvio Berlusconi’s ‘racist’ Barack Obama comment The Repubblica has another one with clips from many countries. L’abbronzato fa il giro del mondo. The Corriere reports that Obama has called the leaders of all the G7 nations,…

  • Berlusconi compliments Obama on his “tan”

    Berlusconi compliments Obama on his “tan”

    The election of Obama in the USA hasn’t gone down so well within the Italian government. Prime minister Berlusconi literally adored Bush, and apparently aren’t able to hide his disappointment with the election of Obama. While on an official visit in Moscow, Berlusconi answered a question about the election of Obama with a “Barack Obama?…

  • If London Were Like Venice

    If London Were Like Venice

    If London Were Like Venice – Oh! That It Were! – by Signor Somers L. Summers

  • Scandinavia would elect Obama

    Somebody with too much time and money has ordered a survey of how people in the Scandinavian countries would have voted in the US presidential elections. Unsurprisingly, Obama would win overwhelming victories around. In Denmark 79% of 1428 persons surveyed would vote for Obama, with only 4.3% for McCain and 16.6% undecided. In Sweden 75.7%…

  • Flightless heron

    Flightless heron

    I met a grey heron the other day when I walked along the old fortifications near my home. Its not all that unusual, they’re getting quite common around here, even in the centre of town. Most often we see them wading in the low water under the brink or sitting in the top of small…

  • Ecological Footprint

    Ecological Footprint

    The WWF has just released a report – the Living Planet Report 2008 – about the ecological footprint for various countries around the world. The population of Denmark has the fourth largest ecological footprint per capita, mostly due to our very high CO2 emissions and an excessive consumption of meat, which requires much land to…

  • More expensive flights to Venice :-(

    More expensive flights to Venice 🙁

    Sterling Airlines, the company I have normally used for low fare flights to and from Venice, has just filed for bankruptcy today. It’ll be a few months before I’m heading back to Venice, but I wonder what this will do to prices. It never was a great company to fly with, but they were cheap…

  • Almost had an accident

    Almost had an accident

    I almost had a nasty accident on my travel by motorcycle from Venice back to Copenhagen, and somebody definitely had one. I left Venice just after noon on Thursday, and decided to drive through the night to get as far as possible before stopping to sleep. Everything went smoothly for about a 1000km, until approx.…

  • Narwhal massacre in Greenland

    Narwhal massacre in Greenland

    The Danish press has reported on a narwhal massacre in Greenland recently, where 42 narwhals have been killed, for their tusks and a limited amount of flesh. The rest of the whale were left to rot on the shore. The remains of the whales were discovered by a boatful of tourists on August 17th. The…

  • Terra di San Marco

    Terra di San Marco

    I’m back in Venice now, in the camping getting the last things ready before a group of Danes arrives on Sunday for a week of magic Venetian paddling. I was lucky enough to find myself a vacant window seat on the right side of the plane. The airport of Venice is built on the edge…

  • Berlusconi covers up Truth – literally

    Berlusconi covers up Truth – literally

    When Berlusconi became prime minister recently, he chose a new backdrop for press conferences. His choice fell on a 18th century painting by the Venetian artist Gianbattista Tiepolo called “Truth unveiled by Time”. It is an allegory showing Time, in the form of an old bearded man, undressing Truth, a beautiful young lady, while Lie…