Kayak transportation in Italy

Thinking about driving in Italy with a kayak? Better rethink. Don’t even consider doing it in a rented vehicle. This is the story of a very long and quite expensive journey from Venice to Civitavecchia, a distance of about 550 km of which over 400 […]

Change of plans

Any adventure involves coping with the unexpected and the unforeseen. Unfortunately, I have had a solid dose of unexpected and unforeseen even before the start of our journey, as I lost all my personal and vehicle documents on the way to Italy two weeks ago. […]

Sicily and Sardinia 2007

Wendy Killoran and René Seindal will circumnavigate the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily in the autumn of 2007. Canadian school teacher Wendy Killoran, who has circumnavigated the Canadian islands of Manitoulin Island, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, will join paddler René Seindal who speaks […]

Paddling home

Today I paddled home from the beach park. Almost as usual, somebody had taken my kayak for use in a beginners course at Kajakhotellet, so I had to settle for something else. First I laid my greedy eyes on a Skim Distance which I haven’t […]

Waterproff cameras

If you want to take photos from your kayak, you’ll want a waterproof camera that’s easy to operate. I certainly wouldn’t recommend taking you expensive SLR 🙂 I have search a bit on the net, and apparently there are only two producers of simple waterproof […]