Venice Kayak

Bibione Kayak Symposium

A bit delayed, as is normal and indeed expected here in Italy, I’ve arrived here at the Capalonga Camping for the first Bibione Kayak Symposium. It was a 90km drive from Venice, with side bags on the motorcycle, the tent and a split paddle on […]

Vogalonga 2008

Sunday was Vogalonga Day and all of Venice was turned upside down for a day. The Vogalonga is a celebration of Venice and its rowing traditions, and in part also a protest against the invasion of the city by motorised vessels. The waves made by […]

Tour of Venice

Tomorrow is Vogalonga day, and we’re on our way to bed so we can get up in time for the start at 9 in the St. Mark’s basin. Today we’ve had a group of Vogalonga participants on a tour on Venice in kayak. We were […]

Vogalonga camping

Here’s a few photos from the Camping San Nicolò this afternoon as the participants of this years Vogalonga started settling in.

Vogalonga weekend

My blogging is way behind schedule. My last post is one week and 2000 km old. Right now I’m sitting on the ferry boat from Venice to the Lido, as part of the weekends move from Mestre to the Lido. Tomorrow we’re organising a tour […]

Horisont Kajak

Today I kept the appointment I missed last week. I’ve been to Stockholm again to meet Carin and Lars from Horisont Kajak. Horisont Kajak does coaching and excursions in the skerries around Stockholm. They are far from the largest kayak business in the Stockholm area, […]

Back to Stockholm

I’m heading back to Stockholm on Tuesday for a short visit to Horisont Kajak. I was supposed to meet with Carin and Lars on last Thursday, but failed to make it within the time constraints I was travelling under. Now I’ll try to make up […]

Tour of Sweden

I’ve spend most of the last days roaming parts of southern and central Sweden. All in all I did some 1500 km in three days, but only managed to keep two of my three appointments. On Wednesday I drove from Copenhagen to Gothenburg to visit […]

Venice Kayak

Ever thought about going paddling in Venice? Paddling down the Canale Grande, under the Rialto Bridge, through all the small obscure little canals, dodging gondolas along the way? Just come along on our adventure. Marco Ballarin and myself are running Venice Kayak Srl , an […]