Every once in a while we spot a kingfisher when we’re paddling around in Venice and surroundings. This year it has happened surprisingly often, and as a first I have managed to get some photos with the waterproof compact cameras we carry on our tours.


Kingfisher seen in Venice, Canale San Pietro:

Kingfisher seen at San Francesco del Deserto:

Walking on water

I never really liked spiders, but I met this fellow in the lagoon today, and a couple of his mates, and while I knew some small animals can walk on water, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Long time, no racks

Venice Kayak has now operated for eight seasons, and to celebrate that we have finally made some racks for the kayaks. For the first time ever we haven’t got any kayaks lying around on the ground.




The three boats below aren’t ours :-)

Next project must be to make a rack for the gondola.

Moto ondoso

One of the main environmental problems in Venice is the moto ondoso – wave movement.

It is mostly caused by taxis and tourist boats, to a lesser extent by vaporetti (water buses) and private boats.

The constant churning of the water causes erosion of walls, side walks and quays, slowly but surely demolishing the city. You just have to row around the city at low tide to see the damage.

This is how the city appeared on October 3rd, 2015. See if you can spot the gondola.





Who’d want a gondola in Venice anyway, if you can race down the Grand Canal causing waves of 2-3ft.

Fiera di Primiero

Its not that often that I get to go on a summer holiday, but I stole a week off work in August to escape the heat in Venice and head for the mountains.

We went to a small town called Fiera di Primiero in the Alps and spend most of the time walking around in the area.


Tonadico is a neighbouring town, they’re practically fused now, with a beautiful church dedicated to San Vittore on a hill top. The oldest parts of the church dates to the 13th century.

Val Canali

The Canali is a small river joining the Cisnon close to Fiera di Primiero. We walked up that way a couple of time.

Castel Pietra

The Castel Pietra is a Medieval castle in the Val Canali, dating at least to the 13th century, now in ruins. It was devastated by fire in the 17th century and abandoned, and further ruined by a land slide in the 19th century. It is now an inaccessible ruin on a rocky hill top.


Mezzano is a neighbouring town a few kilometres away, which is a very nice walk along the river through the forests.

Regata Storica

This year’s Regata Storica was held on September 6th, and we went down to look in our gondola, which we moored just opposite the Erberia close to Rialto.

Tour of the lagoon

We went for a tour around the lagoon of Venice on Sunday, up north past Burano and Torcello to the abandoned islands of Sant’Ariano, La Cura and further up to some of the fish farms in the lagoon.