René rowing the gondola

René Seindal

I’m Danish, from Copenhagen, but I’ve been living in Venice for over a decade, with my Venetian wife Martina and our two dogs.

My alma mater is the University of Copenhagen, from where I have an M.A. in History and Italian and a B.Sc. in computer science.  I’m also an authorised Tour Leader (accompagnatore turistico) here in Italy in Danish, English and Italian, and a reasonably able photographer.

Venice is a truly magical place, and I never get tired of it. I’ve been here for over a decade, and every day is like the first.

I have a couple of small activities here in Venice:

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5 responses to “René Seindal”

  1. Oliver avatar

    Hi Rene,

    Oliver from Lonely Planet Traveller here – hope you’re good!

    A much belated big thanks for helping us out in June – you’ve seen the video I take it? I need an address to send a hard copy of the magazine to, could you send me one?

    All the best and thanks again


  2. yulin avatar

    Are you the author of m4? Great Job!

    1. René Seindal avatar

      Thanks. I haven’t working on it for ages, though, so much credit must go to the other contributors.

  3. Elijah avatar

    Ciao Rene,

    I am a foreigner living in Venice from Boston for a masters degree and kayak frequently back home. Thank you for your posts on the kayak rules in Venice, they have tempered my enthusiasm, but I had a question that maybe you can help answer. I was curious if you know the legality on using an inflatable kayak in the outer lagoon or if all inflatables are banned everywhere in the lagoon? Thanks for all of your help!

    1. René Seindal avatar

      There are three different jurisdictions with different rules.

      1. Municipal rules with the city limits, basically whenever you enter a canal with houses on the sides.
      2. Harbour authority (capitaneria di porto) rules in the main shipping lanes in the lagoon, from the bocche di porto until the quays.
      3. Metropolitan/provincial rules for the rest of the lagoon.

      Just a short paddle can easily take you through all three jurisdictions.

      The complex rules are for the municipal, urban area, not the rest of the lagoon.

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