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At high tide the water in the canals at Murano is clean enough for the local children to swin and play in the water. The kids were jumping from the bridge in front of the medieval church SS. Marie e Donato.

Vogalonga 2009

The 35th Vogalonga was held on May 31st, on the Sunday following Ascension as tradition dictates. The Vogalonga is a 30km non-competitive “race” through the city of Venice and the lagoon. It starts a 9 from St. Mark’s with a cannon shot, and proceeds around […]

Crab jumping for it’s life

Yesterday I was paddling around Venice with a German couple and their daughter. The girl was almost mesmerised by the crabs scuttling around on the walls and steps on the rii, so daddy picked one up to show her, then put it down on the kayak so it could get on with its life.

I tried to get a photo of the crab on the kayak, but the camera wouldn’t obey, and I missed it.

Crab jump (1)

At least I thought I missed it.  When I zoomed in a bit I found that I had caught the crab in mid jump 🙂

Crab jump (2)

Bridge of the Skies

They’re restoring the back side of the Palazzo Ducale and the corresponding side of the Prigioni Nove, both facing the Rio Canonica. The Bridge of Sighs  connect these two buildings across the canal. To get funds for the restauration works they have sold advertising rights […]

Phone unloaded

I have a quite decent camera in my mobile phone, and often take photos where I go, but I also often forget to download them to the computer. I did that today, and here’s a selection of point-and-shoot photos from we left Denmark in early […]

Regata di Mestre

There are many rowing regattas in and around Venice during the summer, with various kinds of boats participating.

The Regata di Mestre is the first of the season, and it was held last Sunday, May 10th.

My initial plans were to watch it from a kayak, but Mother’s Day intervened causing friends to stay home, so in the end I walked to Sacca San Girolamo in the Cannaregio area, from where I had a good view of the canal where the race had to pass.

Regata di Mestre

Mestre is a city on the mainland, but the race started from Murano north of Venice, touched the NW corner of the city in the Cannaregio area, before heading towards towards San Giuliano on the mainland, on the outskirts of Mestre.

I was watching at the mid point, so I didn’t get to see the finish, and I still don’t know who won.

Regata di Mestre

Regata di Mestre

Regata di Mestre

“Interesting” photos

Flickr.com has a way of assigning “interestingness” to photos. I’m not quite sure how they do it. The algorithm probably includes the number of views, number of times it is marked a favourite and the number of comments, and it seems, also who views, marks […]

Terra di San Marco

I’m back in Venice now, in the camping getting the last things ready before a group of Danes arrives on Sunday for a week of magic Venetian paddling. I was lucky enough to find myself a vacant window seat on the right side of the […]

Photos from Sardinia

I have uploaded a bunch of photos from the last leg of my circumnavigation of Sardinia to Flickr.

Skim Distance in front of surf

I have taken a lot fewer photos this time, and they’re not as good as last year. With regard to photographing it does make a huge difference paddling alone. Often taking photos is part of a social interaction which doesn’t take place when you’re alone.

Golfo di Orosei

Franceso and i had planned to paddle to Cala Goloritzé in the Golfo di Orosei yesterday, and we got up early and set off fetching kayaks at a local camping where Francesco keeps par of his gear, and then on the road to Santa Maria […]