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  • Golfo di Orosei

    Golfo di Orosei

    Franceso and i had planned to paddle to Cala Goloritzé in the Golfo di Orosei yesterday, and we got up early and set off fetching kayaks at a local camping where Francesco keeps par of his gear, and then on the road to Santa Maria Navarrese. We launched in calm weather, a force 2 scirocco…

  • More photos from Sardinia

    My good friend Francesco Muntoni who runs Cardedu Kayak in Sardinia, has started uploading photos from his home island to flickr. A month from now I will be down there again, to visit Francesco and to paddle the magnificent coast. Francesco is currently the custodian of my Skim Distance, seen here at Porto Quau in…

  • Irresistible kayaker

    Irresistible kayaker

    Who can resist this little fellow 🙂 My wife brought him home from Berlin this Christmas.

  • The Most Beautiful Kayak in the World

    The Most Beautiful Kayak in the World

    Today I unwrapped the most beautiful kayak in the world. It is a Rockpool Menai 18 and Mike Webb has outdone himself. Many Rockpool kayaks are spectacular, but none is as beautiful as mine 🙂 I ordered the Menai 18 last summer, and it was my intention to use it for the journey in Sardinia…

  • A day in Palermo

    A day in Palermo

    A few days ago I went for a walk here in Palermo, and I took some photos along the way. The road was from Piazza Don Bosco towards Piazza Noce and back. A funny bending fence A nice calm sidewalk without parked cars This is where mafiosi shot down Cesare Terranova and his driver Lenin…

  • Italian Commercial Neologisms

    Italian Commercial Neologisms

    Italian shops are often called something ending in “-eria”. A bookshop is a libreria, from libro which means book. A pizzeria makes and sell pizze (plural of pizza), a gelateria sells gelato, icecream, and so on. An osteria sells hospitality, literally a “hostery” like in “host” 🙂 Since the scheme is very simple, it is…

  • Just another day in the lagoon

    Today I went paddling in the lagoon with my Venetian friend Marco and his friend Damien from Padova. We didn’t have any particular plans, just paddle and have fun. Here’s Damien in his rusty old kayak And here’s Marco in the Current Design Solstice that Wendy is going to paddle around Sardinia (Marco has a…

  • The Giudecca

    The Giudecca

    Today’s paddle me took to the Giudecca of Venice. It used to be an industrial area with housing for working class families, there’s quite a bit of run down houses and abandoned factories and shipyards. New houses on the south side of the Giudecca. Older, but nice looking houses in the Giudecca. Abandonded shipyard buildings…

  • Little surprises in the lagoon

    Little surprises in the lagoon

    Today’s paddle became rather special, for a number of reasons. I started in the afternoon after a morning’s hard work at the internet café. Their coffee is appallingly good, but paddling need to be done. First thing, I encountered the first paddler ever in the lagoon, except of course Marco who always complains that nobody…

  • Life at the Lido

    So today I’ve spent most of the time sitting at Café Maleti on the Gran Viale of the Lido, updating blogs and doing email. Life is hard, but they do make good coffee and food, and absolutely great icecream. Then I have to stand the pathetic view across to the lagoon to Venice each and…

  • Stockenträffen


    Wendy and I are just back from the annual Stockenträffen in Sweden. We went there on Thursday afternoon with Freya Hoffmeister in her huge van. The weather forecast had promised force 5-6 winds and regular showers, but fortunately we only got the former. We had arranged for kayaks from Escape Kayak Centre in Gothenborg, but…

  • Kayaking in Venice, Italy

    Kayaking in Venice, Italy

    September 10 to 16, 2007

  • Kayaking in Venice

    Kayaking in Venice

    In June I spent a week paddling with a friend in Venice and the lagoon. The boats were on loan from a Venetian friend. As far as I know, there are no places in Venice where you can rent sea kayaks. My friend didn’t know any. In the city We spent two days paddling inside…

  • Rockpool’s Menai 18

    Rockpool’s Menai 18

    Yesterday I went back to Varberg in Sweden to try the Rockpool Menai 18. I had made an appointment with Sara from Escape Kajakcenter in Gothenborg, Sweden, that they would bring a Menai 18 and an Alaw Bach to Varberg for trying. The famous surfing beach at Varberg was just as waveless as the last…

  • Photos from the Symposium in Spain
  • More Kayak Photos

    I have picked some of the better photos from the excursions we’ve made, and uploaded them to Flickr. There’s a least a few worth looking at 🙂